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What is Fulvic Acid


Fulvic Acid is not a new mineral, it has been around since creation, but scientists have just begun to notice and create a definite buzz about it. This mineral is found in soils, bodies of water like rivers and streams, and in certain rocks.  

Its ability to boost your immune system makes it easier for our bodies to absorb antioxidants and electrolytes, slow the aging process, give you renewed digestive health, improve your daily brain functions and help in the fight of many chronic diseases.  

With all these claims of what nature is able to give you, it is a wonder more people are not going out and just eat dirt. This may not be such a bad idea, but the truth is, you will have to eat a lot of dirt to get the needed amounts of Fulvic Acid to effect the kind of change you want. 

Fulvic Acid and your Gut 

Good digestion is what is required for our bodies to be able to fight off many of the diseases we get. A good digestive system builds a good immune system, which is why we need to acquire the benefits of this mineral.  

It contains many nutrients that we need to enhance gut health like electrolytes, fatty acid, silica, probiotics, and prebiotics.  

All these nutrients improve the general well-being of the digestive tract and produce good bacteria which the gut needs to lessen stress levels, regulate digestion which improves our appetite and helps in the proper absorption of foods in the body.  

These kinds of natural treatment for many ailments were known for centuries and were being administered herbals as a way to correct the malfunctioning of the gut or digestive system.  

By taking this mineral you are able to treat effectively many disorders like; inflammatory bowel disorder, urinary tract infections, respiratory ailments, and many others associated with a digestive disorder. 

Treating Pain with Fulvic Acid 

Because Fulvic Acid is able to decrease toxicity in the body, decrease levels of inflammation, effect corrective issues in the body from free radical damage, and enhance the body’s absorption of electrolytes which has been found to be very effective in the reduction of chronic joint pains, arthritic issues, muscle pains, and headaches.  

As these symptoms improve the reduction of swelling and inflammation in the muscles are also noticeable. 

Improvements in Energy Levels 

Doctors Without Borders have done intensive studies on this mineral and have found it to be very effective in the improvement in energy levels of persons being treated with this mineral.  

They have found that the electrolytes are able to boost and increase every bodily function of persons who have had issues with stress, chronic infections, malnutrition, and insomnia. This relief is had when the persons drink water which contains this miracle nutrient.  

Their skin retains and rejuvenates its natural elasticity; thus the slowing of the aging process while revitalizing the body’s cells. 

Treating Skin disorders with Fulvic Acid 

The research was done by Dermatologists and published in the Journal of Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigative Dermatology has found that treatment of certain skin disorders with Fulvic Acid greatly improves the conditions.  

Skin disorders like eczema, rashes, bites, scrapes, athlete’s foot, spider bites, and poison ivy are found to respond favorably to the treatment. 

How to take Fulvic Acid Minerals As a Liquid 

Fulvic Acid may be had in liquid or solid form as a supplement. In liquid form, it is easily absorbed by the body and you are able to feel the effects readily.  

Many persons who have used this method favor the results. The liquid is available in a concentrated form, so there needs to be some dissolving in water before taking.  

When taking this supplement, the dosage must be adhered to, as taking too much can change the mineral levels in the body which can be dangerous. You only need to use 12 drops in every 16-20 ounces of filtered water. 

As a Solid 

Taking in solid form can be unpleasant, as it has a rather unappealing flavor and has a yellow copperish color. It is recommended to use in shakes, fruit juices, or in any liquid supplement so as to mask the taste.  

When adding it to liquid mixes it is also recommended to use filtered water and not tap water with chlorine. 

In its Organic State 

Eating fruits and vegetables grown organically is the most effective way to get your daily intake of Fulvic Acid. This is because the soil is not saturated with chemicals and harmful fertilizers and pesticides which destroy the soils normal levels of nutrients.  

Modern farming methods embrace this practice so as to increase yields; though this may be a good thing in the need to supply consumer demand, it is not as healthy in the long run. So buying organic foods are always better and although they may be pricey, the benefits far outweigh the cost of climbing medical bills. 

Fulvic Acid supplement it is advised to be taken during meals, as it is able to counter the actions of the chemicals and pesticides found in nonorganic foods. It is advised to take it a half an hour before having a meal or two hours after the meal.  

It will detox the body as it builds your immune system as well as affect the needed changes for a better body. If you are taking prescription medications it is advised you take this supplement two hours after or before a meal, so as not to interrupt the treatment which the medication is for. 

Fulvic Acid is classified as the elixir of life by some nutritionists. It is deemed to be one of the main elements the body needs to ensure good health and well-being. Because it has the power to affect such radical and noticeable changes and results to the body, cells are rejuvenated as well as your immune system is greatly improved.  

We all want to have healthy bodies and live healthy lives. It is essential we make the necessary adjustments to our dietary intake and try our best to ensure this body which is the temple is well taken care of. It is the only one we have, and if we seek to take care of it holistically as well as smartly our lives will be greatly enriched. 

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