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Fulvic Acid Balances Cholesterol


Fulvic acid is taken as the ultimate “nutrient booster.” As an active chemical compound, it works in a way which helps us absorb plus use other nutrients better-such as antioxidants, probiotics/microbiota, minerals and fatty acids.

Since it is capable of improving how our cells absorb things like electrolytes and antioxidants, it has become quite popular for improving digestive health, slowing down aging, protecting brain function. Also fulvic acid balances cholesterol. 

The following are some of the benefits of fulvic acid:

 Improves Immune Function and Gut Health

Fulvic acid contains several nutrients which improve gut health. These include electrolytes, trace minerals, silica, fatty acids, probiotics and prebiotics. These help in nourishing the digestive tract apart from boosting the ability of the “good bacteria” to repopulate, and form healthy “microbiome” environment.

 Helps in Boosting Digestion and Absorption of Nutrients

Acquiring sufficient electrolytes plus other trace minerals is significant for digestive health, proper metabolic function, and nutrient assimilation.

Apart from providing raw nutrients, it also effectively transports minerals plus other nutrients to cells, boosts rate of absorption of nutrients through making cells more permeable. It also fights inflammation within digestive organs.

 Protects Cognitive Health

Fulvic acid contains several antioxidants and nutraceutical properties with the potential activity to protect against cognitive impairments which include Alzheimer’s disease.

 Reduces Free Radical Damage Plus Inflammation

We all have free radicals inside us, because they have roles in fighting pathogen, regulating hormones, and supplying energy. However, too many speeds up our aging process and results in formation of disease.

The combination of exposure to environmental pollutants, harmful activities such as smoking, low nutrient intake, eating processed food, and too much exposure to UV light has led to a problem concerning raising free radical damage.

Fulvic acid has antioxidants which counter the free radical effects, and help to detoxify the body of several toxins which contribute to the problems like radioactive waste, chemicals used in agriculture, and heavy metals.

Also it helps extend the permeability plus life of cells through providing electrolytes which have several functions within the brain, heart, digestive tract, and heart. Fulvic acid balances cholesterol in the body also.

 Lowers Pain and Improves Energy Levels

Many people who take fulvic acid have reported improvement in their energy levels, possibly because of free radical damage, increased detoxification, lower levels of inflammation, higher intakes of the electrolytes among other key nutrients.

Studies show that humic acids activate plus energize in the body almost every biological process. This makes also fulvic acid effective in reducing chronic nerve pain, joint pain as a result of arthritis, headaches, or muscle and bone pains linked with aging.

There is some evidence that its electrolytes may help in reducing swelling, decreasing inflammation, soothing and relaxing muscles, and improving circulation. Conversely, electrolyte imbalance may cause these symptoms to worsen.

 Protects and Repairs Skin

Some evidence indicates that humic acids may help protect the skin, and treat irritations and wounds caused by, for example, eczema, bug bites, rashes and scrapes linked with fungus/microbes.

Fulvic acid has been used historically as a rash remedy to help in treating poison oak, poison ivy, spider bites, viral infections and athlete’s foot.

Whereas this is more based on anecdotal evidence than clinical studies, probably it makes more sense taking into account that fulvic acid improves circulation plus immunity, while reducing pain and vulnerability to infections.

Also fulvic acid balances cholesterol, which is beneficial to the body since you are not going to acquire conditions as a result of high cholesterol in your body.

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