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Fulvic Acid and Immune Function

Fulvic Acids are naturally occurring humic acids of lower molecular weight and higher oxygen content than any other types of humic acid that constitutes soil matter. These acids are commonly used as soil supplements for agricultural purposes.

However, nowadays, they are being used as supplements for human development as well. With the amount of research work put into Fulvic Acids and their formation and new reports coming in week by week, this gives some positive acclaim to the health benefits they possess.

Fulvic Acids are found on the highly nutritious layer of the Earth. It is this very layer which ensures that plants feed well and grow healthy and strong. The relationship between Fulvic Acid and Immune Function is as evident in humans as it is in plants.

 Given that these types of acids are beneficial for growth of the plants we eat, how much more could they be of value to us. To begin with, these acids act as an active chemical compound that helps us use other nutrients better. Antioxidants, fatty acids and probiotics, to name a few. Here are a few of the fulvic acids benefits: 

 1. Enhances Gut Health and Immune Function: 

One of the main connections between Fulvic Acid and Immune Function is the fact that these acids contain a surplus of nutrients that help gut health. Not only do they nurture the digestive tract but foster the growth and production of healthy bacteria into the environment.

For our immune system to work as a fortress for our body, we need to have a strong digestive system. The use of Fulvic acids promotes the strength of our digestive system, thus boosting our immune system.

This health product is a must for those suffering from acute digestive problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome and inflammatory bowel disorders. Even the ancient remedy known as shilajit contains about 50% of Fulvic Acids. 

2. Shields cognitive health: 

Free radical damage and a variant protein called 'tau' are contributing factors to the development of cognitive disorders. Fulvic acids however, lower the length of tau fibrils, dissimulating their rate of performance and thus stopping the progression of the disease.

This discovery could make way for more natural treatment of people diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. In 2011, a published work in the Journal of Alzheimer's disease confirmed that cognitive impairments could be given a chance with these Fulvic acids. 

 3. Protects and Repairs Skin: 

There are many people suffering with conditions related to high skin sensitivity, thereby causing serious injuries to the skin. Some studies suggest that the presence of fulvic acids could treat bare wounds of those suffering from eczema, fungus, rashes and bug bites etc.

One of the major skin publications even studied the fulvic acids significantly improved the skin conditions of eczema patients and is even better a treatment in comparison to the present treatments for eczema in the market. 

There is a strong connection between the cognitive health and external skin health. The joining factors of this connection are the Fulvic Acids. Impairments in the cognitive and external health are a direct consequence of bad health that stems within.

 Use of these acids could strengthen not only the outer body but help you repair inwards. Taking all these factors into consideration, we can conclude that Fulvic Acids are highly beneficial to each individual.

Fulvic Acids enhances gut health and immune function, shields cognitive health as well as repairs and protects our outer skin. It is for this reason that it is often impossible to separate Fulvic Acid and Immune Function.

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