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Fulvic Acid Supercharged Electrolyte that Energizes Cells

The recent medical and scientific breakthroughs have identified fulvic acid as among the magical key beneficial elements. This is due to its outstanding, extraordinary potential. To begin, this compound exists naturally in various plants and soils.

What drew the attention of scientist is the ability of fulvic acid supercharged electrolyte that energizes cells to contain such essential impacts.

Human survival requires at least 90 varieties of nutrients. To break it down, at least 59 mineral types, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and essential amino acids of 3 types.

 Fulvic acid is the key element that makes the nutrients absorbable earning its name, the miracle molecule.

This component wears so many hats. Its creation is from simple soil based microorganisms which consume dead decayed plant matter releasing fulvic acid supercharged electrolyte that energies cell as the excretes.

 The relative molecular weight of this compound is smaller than that of humic acid.

Fulvic acid is soluble in water thus a good electrolyte. This gives it the ability to energize and balance any biological compound it comes across.

Various tests have been conducted to prove the supercharging energy property of fulvic acid.

A perfect and astonishing example being its ability to energize a cell that had ruptured and disintegrated. Fulvic acid supercharged electrolyte that energies cell can accomplish these objectives through various ways as described below.

First and foremost, it promotes the electrochemical balance of a cell as a donor or recipient. Based on the cells' requirement for survival, this compound can act as an electron recipient or donor.

The common reactions are oxidation and reduction where a species losses and gain an electron respectively. Having said this, fulvic acid has can undergo charge transfer making it capable of being an electron donor or acceptor.

Nutrient transport is the other demonstrable property of this electrolyte. In the cells, fulvic acid readily combines with minerals and metals enhancing their availability for uptake in the roots and cell walls.

 It also dissolves and aids in the transport of essential components for cell growth such as vitamins, co enzymes, auxins, and hormones.

Immobile minerals also such as iron can be easily circulated in the plant circle in the presence of this acid.

Metabolism is important to boost the plant functioning to a higher level. This process heavily depends on oxygen. Fulvic acid increase the absorption rate of oxygen for use in metabolism. It relieves the plant from oxygen deficiency thus increasing the activity of cells.

Moving on, it promotes cell division, boosts cell membrane permeability and increases the rate of protein metabolism within the cell.

This compound stimulates cells to reach their optimum growth and replication rate. They are also cell sensitizing agents which increases cell membrane permeability to various compound boosting its growth. DNA and RNA synthesis is also boosted resulting to the final optimal cell generation.

Last but not least, it is an essential cell detoxification agent. Cell-related processes result in the formation of numerous radioactive compounds that may harm other cell processes.

In addition to increasing the binding ability of such compounds to pesticides, fulvic acid also catalyzes the breaking down of toxic pollutants to harmless substances that are readily excreted from the cells.

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