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Fulvic Acid is Anti-Inflammatory

Fulvic acid is a pool of different naturally-occurring bio-chemicals, super oxide dismutases, enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, antivirals, free-radical scavengers, antibiotics and hormones.

This naturally-occurring acid works efficiently to transform noxious compounds like free radicals and heavy metals into safer particles.

It as well helps boost the permeability of cell, digestive and circulatory membranes. The acid is also known to help in neutralizing toxins, restoring the electrical balance of damaged cells and reducing effects of food poisoning.

 Studies have shown Fulvic acid to have wonderful properties that aid in lowering the amount of C-reaction proteins in knee and wheel osteoarthritis patients. It as well aids lower flare reaction in those suffering from hay fever.

The acid has been proven to be very safe as humans can take a daily dosage of up to 1.8 gram per adult. The super inflammatory properties of Fulvic acid are linked to its ability to release inflammatory-based cytokines.

 Fulvic acid plays an important role in defending against harmful components. It does so by preventing chemicals and heavy metals from being absorbed into our body systems which can end up affecting their performance.

It works miraculously to assist in filtering all harmful substances in all elements and minerals being absorbed into the body to ensure they don’t cause any health effects in your body.


Our bodies are full of many different free radicals which assist in fighting pathogens, regulating hormones and increasing our energy levels. When these radicals are in excess, they normally tend to cause problems with disease formation.

When our body systems are exposed to low supply of nutrients, excessive UV rays, environmental pollutants and toxic activities like smoking, the levels of free radicals increase greatly.

Fulvic acid is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that work to assist in fighting free radicals and detoxifying the whole body system from common toxic elements like chemicals and radioactive waters.


Another anti-inflammatory benefit of using Fulvic acid is that it helps inn boosting the life and permeability of our body cells.

Fulvic acid is full of a wide range of electrolytes and beneficial antioxidants that function to improve the health of the heart, digestive track and the muscles.

They as well assist in boosting the overall performance of the brain which means through the intake of Fulvic acid, we free ourselves from many different heart related health problems.

It does so by absorbing essential Micro and Macro elements into the body which also aids in improving your memory.


Inflammation is believed to be the most common reason behind the development of most chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer, atherosclerosis, arthritis and diabetes.

Inflammation tends to trigger the ultimately death of body cells which leads to the death of most skin cells. Studies have also shown that most skin health problems such as psoriasis and rashes are as a result of inflammation.

The fact that Fulvic acid has super inflammatory properties means it can greatly assist in fighting against these common health problems which results due to inflammation. Taking Fulvic acid is therefore recommended to anyone who has any inflammation-related health problems since they will be assured of superb results.

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