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About Fulvic Acid


 Fulvic acid is a miracle of nature, so outstanding that medical studies show that it has the ability to significantly alter our lives for the better. It is safe, effective and efficient and subscribed by doctors all over the world for thousands of years with very surprising results.

Scientists assume that the world's rapidly increasing amount of degenerative diseases can be directly related to the lack of fulvic acid in our food. Experts know that it just takes more to stay healthy than only additional doses of vitamins and minerals - the third element, which is in general not considered is just as important.

This groundbreaking discovery is supported by little-known and equally secret research institutes from around the world: medical schools, hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Most people in the world do not know anything about this medical discovery - for good reasons:

Until recently it was not even known that this component exists. When it was finally discovered, it was so complicated to identify or to correctly analyze that it was eventually agreed to it that it is the most complex substance in the world.

Some of the research-based medical institutions develop profit generating synthetic patented drugs and showed little interest to invest in an inexpensive and natural remedy.


Pharmaceutical companies then rushed to patent synthetic versions of this natural substance and dozens of patents have been approved.


But Mother Nature will put them all in the shade because they'll never be able to mimic the natural handwriting because fulvic acid is simply too complex.


An estimated 80% of these pharmaceutical preparations are isolated synthetic fragments and by far not as perfect and holistic as fulvic acid created by Mother Nature.

Dietary supplements are not allowed to be marketed or advertised as to be able to heal a disease nor can these supplements be publicly appointed as a medical treatment for specific illnesses.

Global clinical human studies however prove that some pharmaceutical preparations achieve astonishing results with almost every imaginable aspect of health.

These medical discoveries have been translated and published to make them available for everyone. The surveys show that adequate interior and exterior use of humic and fulvic acids can produce astonishing improvements for many health concerns. Studies show success rates up to 90% and more.

Diseases, cures, treatments and medical references that are mentioned here will be used solely for educational purposes. Its purpose is to highlight the current situation of the various losses of minerals and essential substances in our diet and the effect of it on our body.

Once compiled, analyzed and understood the data of the collected material showed in a profound way, the serious, global nutrient losses. People eat sufficient amounts but are in fact undernourished, even when they are heavier than what is defined as a healthy weight, but their cells are starving.

A massive number of agricultural studies show a serious lack of essential substances in commercial crops and in livestock.

 If the deficit is reduced, we may however achieve phenomenal results, including resistance of plants to diseases and insects without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizer, remarkable growth, rich fruit yields and therefore basic health will be the result.

This is very similar to humans, where food supplements and external applications can mean life-changing results for so many.

Below is a list of properties that you may already know or even have experienced yourself or what you can achieve when a long-term plan of consuming fulvic acid with a balanced amount of minerals, trace elements and organic vitamins is set in place.

Strengthens the immune system;

Stimulates the health of the thymus gland;

Balances the thyroid gland and therefore stabilize the immune system;

Stops cravings and helps in general uncontrolled eating;

Delivers more energy and new motivation;

Feel how the blood glucose value is more in balance;

Leads your body in the long run to its optimum potential;

Helps to prevent viruses, parasites and pathogens from nestling in your body;

Cleans, neutralizes and removes toxins;

Works powerful and natural as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant;

You will probably feel even better soon;

Possibly it reduces health complaints;

Experience an enhanced resistance to colds and flu;

Feel the relief of pain and suffering;

You may find relief of ordinary and seasonal allergies;

Enhanced resistance to infections and diseases;

More power, longer endurance;

For beautiful skin and nails and a youthful complexion;

Feel improved digestive and intestinal function;

Experience fast healing of bruises, burns and cuts;

State an improvement of oxygen supply and blood circulation;

Feel mentally alert;

Improves your memory and brain functions;

Balances the libido;

Fulvic acid is also essential for the living cells in the body to carry out the metabolic processes. The substance is touted as a free radical scavenger and a powerful natural antioxidant.

It can successfully flush out all the heavy metals that are present in the body and also detoxify various pollutants that exist in the body thereby bringing about a purging in the body.

Optimally Organic Fulvic ions give the user a myriad range of topical applications and are found to be very useful in counter-attacking different types of health issues.

The substance is found to encourage fast healing of burns and wounds and also at the same time reduces the risk of scaring. The substance is found to be extremely useful if one is suffering from different problems related to their scalp and hair. It successfully alleviates scaly and itchy scalp conditions.

Fulvic ionic compounds are truly powerhouses of goodness which not only bring about great results as far as the internal functioning of the body are concerned, they also contribute greatly to maintaining a good external side too. Regular usage of concentrated fulvic ionic minerals therefore brings in a whole host of advantages to the user.

Fulvic acid should not be confused with vitamin folic acid, their names are similar but they are completely different in their nature. Fulvic acid is referred to by some scholars as the "milk" of Mother Nature.

It not only nourishes, but supports the immune system and provides a protective shield for all living things. It is created of plant matter millions of years ago.

Mother Nature has developed this "milk" for the purpose of every living cell to respond to people, plants, animals and even microscopic organisms to nourish them and to penetrate.

Hundreds of studies by scientists from around the world say in the context of fulvic acid: its "unbelievable" and use superlatives like, "fascinating", "supernatural", "magical" and "phenomenal".

If it was the intention of nature to create something that solves many problems and to show us how beautiful and magical it can be... then fulvic acid can be counted to its most supreme inventions.

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