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How does Fulvic Acid Work

 Many people dread coming into contact with soil. Mothers and your latest antiseptic advert make you cautious of coming into contact with soil or dirt. It is therefore with great surprise when I heard a doctor say, “Dirt can be very beneficial to the human body.” Really? Dirt? Yes dirt!

Seems as though soil contains a particular kind of acid called fulvic acid. An element located in the most nutritious part of the soil (humus). But how does Fulvic Acid work?

This layer contains partially decomposed matter which plants use for nutritional purposes.

As clarified by leading scientific researcher, Roger J Williams, “ the building blocks present in the metabolic machinery of human beings are, in the great majority of cases, exactly the same as the building blocks contained in the metabolic machinery of other organisms of extremely different types.”

So if fulvic acid is beneficial to other organisms, what benefits do they have for the human body?

 To begin, it improves disease resistance and gut health.

A healthy gut or digestive system improves immunity (resistance to disease causing organisms). Fulvic acid contains a copious amount of nutrients that improve gut health. These include trace minerals, electrolytes, fatty acids and probiotics.

These create a nourishing environment for the digestive system and friendly bacteria’. Yes, there are friendly bacteria. They help you enjoy your favorite yoghurt. The ancient world, through an effective combination of fulvic acid, created the Ayurvedic medicine. Popular in its treatment of a number of diseases emanating from the gut, which answers the common question, how does Fulvic acid work?

 Improves nutrient absorption and digestion.

Again effectively working in the gut, fulvic acid aids the distribution of important electrolytes and trace minerals to improve digestive health, nutrient assimilation and metabolic functions. Digestive related complications such as constipation, bloating and diarrhea are lowered by the infusion of organisms found in fulvic acid.

Mind you though! These organisms are to be taken in small doses. Fulvic acid also supports the transportation of nutrients to cells, improves nutrient absorption by cells and minimizes the inflammation of digestive organs. 

 Facilitates cognitive well-being 

Researchers have discovered that fulvic acid is packed with several antioxidants and nutraceutical elements which help combat cognitive disabilities such as Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have also revealed fulvic acid helps lower the length of tau fibrils and their morphology. This has been attributed to be the major cause of cognitive disorders. 

Fulvic acid has been noted by researchers to provide new insights into the research of cognitive disorders.

Enhancement of Detoxification 

Fulvic or humid acids improve energy and digestion through their detoxifying capabilities. These acids are capable of breaking down toxins and metals harmful to the human body. These toxins enter the body through food and water. As well as medicines prescribed by doctors. Amazing right? The all feared dirt turns to be a rescuing solution to the dangers from our daily activities. 

 Fulvic acid is however found not only in soil, but other places such as streams, the ocean and lakes. You don’t have to worry about an over-cautious guardian who still has an issue with the benefits of dirt.

That concern is further allayed by the fact that the acids can now find their way into commonly consumed products as part of the supplement ingredients. If you have been asking the question, 'how does Fulvic acid work', I hope this article has been resourceful.

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